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Hunters (ENG)Attente de classement étoiles

Titre original : Hunters
Genre : Action
Date de sortie : 14 Sept. 2021
Langue(s) : Anglais seulement
Studio : Universal Pictures
Réalisateur(s) : Justin Lee
Scénariste(s) : Justin Lee
Acteur(s) : Ian Ziering, Phil Burke, Ed Morrone,...

Description :
Several years after a virus has ravaged the world, a soldier named John T Wrecker continues his task of protecting a group of refugees and the base he was assigned to even though supplies are scarce and survivors are few and far between. As he goes about his daily routine, the threat of something new and even more dangerous grows ever closer. The arrival of another soldier from a different outpost gives John hope that they might be able to fight this new monstrous threat together. With time running out and the new mutations closing in, John must confront the dangers head on or face the annihilation of his mission and the lives that rely on him
Hunters (ENG)